Turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard

Whether it’s on a car, truck, van, semi-truck, RV, boat, motorcycle or even a go-kart, a simple sign, wrap, or decal is an easy way to transform an ordinary vehicle into a mobile billboard (or just a work of art).


Why use vehicle wraps?

Whatever your budget, DME has a solution to turn your company vehicle into an eye-catching mobile advertisement. With full wraps, partial wraps, or cut vinyl decals in a variety of finishes, we can give you the polished, professional look you want.

More Cost-Effective than Billboards

Not only are vehicle wraps more cost-effective than billboard ads, the retention rate is higher.


Vehicle wraps are proven to be the most memorable form of transit advertising in today’s market.

Increased Brand Exposure

Your design will be seen by a variety of people, creating awareness and exposure to all demographics.

Get vehicle wraps for the whole fleet!

What’s more effective than a vehicle wrap? The answer is simple…an entire fleet of vehicle wraps! Fleet wraps and graphics for your vehicles conveys professionalism and is a deep branding opportunity when used for corporate identity. With tightening state and local restrictions on “super graphics” and mega-billboards, companies can leverage the use of fleet graphics for their marketing campaigns to yield much success.

More printed goodness

We offer more than just a box. Look below for more printed goodness to help you achieve more.

Are you ready to finish first in the marketing race?

With DME in the driver’s seat, you’re sure to win every time.

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