A data driven solution

Our Commitment Predictor platform collects valuable data from each student. Use this data to follow up with committed students regarding what comes next or with students who have yet to commit and learn why. You will have the benefit of knowing who is committed to your school come next semester.


How our Commitment Predictor program works

Our Commitment Predicotor program leverages an Omnichannel Marketing approach ensuring that your acceptance message is received, generates excitement with your acceptance students and gets them moving forward with the next steps with your university.

Accepted. Yay!

Each of your accepted students receive our Commitment Predictor Gift Certificate in their Acceptance Packages allowing them to redeem a branded gift from your custom branded Commitment Predictor MallSystem store.

Gift Redemption

Students that are excited to move forward with your university at more likely to redeem their free branded gift. Ask them questions to learn more about their needs as a part of the redemption process.

Follow Up

We share reports of who has and has not redeemed. Follow up with redeemed students to keep them moving towards commitment or reach out to students who haven't redeemed to see why they haven't moved forward yet.


We do all the dirty work

We design and program your exclusive Commitment Predictor website. We even handle all of the production, inventory, and fulfillment of all of your acceptance packages.


Why choose us to be your Enrollment Marketing partner?


Gain insightful data like which students have committed and which have not and learn why.


Acceptance Packages ship twice weekly or as needed and commitment reports generate daily.

Next Steps

Communicate with committed students what their next steps are to get them ready for what is to come.

Brand Advocates

Turn committed students into brand advocates by giving them branded items that they will be proud to show off.

Want to see it in action?


We don't have commitment issues

We will be by your side every step of the way on the enrollment journey.
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